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Subject: Educating Kelly 4 (lesbin / incest, g/F, F/g, FF/g))Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit
interracial sexual acts of between a woman and a girl. If this type of
content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to
re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for
permission.Copyright young masterbation sex 2006 Jan, All young tits Rights Reserved.Please mail to if you have suggestions for
future stories.
Educating Kelly 4
Black Woman White Girl
For a change the clinic was quiet and Kelly has a chance to
get a cup of coffee and relax. She thought it funny that so many of
the patents that came in the clinic flirted with her as if they felt it
was OK to make crude proposals to her. Was it because she was an
attractive mulatto? It was not her fault that she had been born with
skin the color of milk with just a hint of coffee in it and blue eyes.
She did have the hair of an Afro-American that she kept cut short
and had it relaxed so that it had soft waves close to her lead. She
also had a naturally athletic figure. It struck her funny that some
stupid asshole would flirt with her after she had just given him a
shot in the butt. She was tempted to say something like," I wouldn't
mind going out with you, but after seeing what young pree you have to offer I'm
sure I would be disappointed." Kelly had moved from Illinois to Plumville, Pa. after
completing college after and becoming a registered nurse. She
worked youngest legal porn in a small clinic for a couple of doctors that were partners.
She lived in a cheap rundown duplex because she didn't make very
much money. She was slow about making friends. In fact the only
time she even talked to any of her neighbor was while doing the
laundry in the basement. When you're spending a couple of hours
washing and drying clothes she could not avoid the gossiping
housewife. Not that she had anything against the woman. It was just
that she didn't advertise that she was a lesbian. Her aunt had
introduced her to nudism and lesbian sex when she had been a
young girl. Her aunt had been one of those black women with
breasts the size of basketballs and thighs and butt to support that
big body. She younghymenpics had even allowed her to have sex with her white
girlfriends. She didn't know how to find women like herself in this
new place. She would never make a pass at one of the nurses in the
office for fear of being exposed as a lesbian. She spent her nights
masturbating with thoughts of older women doing all kinds of
wonderful things to her body. She had seen the young chubby redheaded girl from the next
apartment and assumed that she was the daughter of the family
until one day while they were washing clothes the woman that had
introduced herself as Charlene told her that Sarah was not her
daughter. They were foster parents. Sarah was just staying with
them until the state made permanent arrangements for her.
Charlene told her all about Sarah. She was sexually abused by her
parents and they had posted photographs of their sex acts with her
on the internet. When they were tracked down her parents wet to
jail and Sarah had been made a ward of the State. Charlene said
that Sarah was would not talk about what had happened and kept to
herself far too much. She was seeing a physiologist to resolve
issues she had. She admonished Kelly not to bring it up unless she
actually wanted to talk about it. Kelly didn't say anything but found Sarah very interesting.
When Kelly was out side puttering around the yard or sunning
herself young middle magnet
Sarah would join her and engage her in conversation. Even
Sarah's foster mother noticed that Sarah seemed to trust Kelly and
was much more talkative in her presence. Kelly took a good look at the young girl. Her hair was a dull
red that hung down her back. She had a little pot belly young teens fuck
and because
she was overweight her baby fat had little swelling breasts that
would someday change into real ones. She had a cute round face
with sparkling green eyes. Kelly found out that she was ten years
old. Sarah asked, "Are you really youngest teen tits
a nurse?" Kelly replied, "Yes." Sarah grew a little braver and over the next few weeks she
would come over and knock on Kelly's door and come in to talk
about school and who she liked and who she didn't like. She
learned that she young pree teens didn't care much for her foster parents because the
only reason they took her in was for the money. One evening Charlene knocked on her door and asked Kelly if
she wouldn't mind looking after Sarah so that she and her husband
could have an evening out. Kelly agreed because she had not had
anyone to talk to for far too long. When Sarah came over she sat on her couch watching
television with a throw pillow clutched against her chest. Kelly
offered her a soft drink and food. Sarah had to set the pillow down
to consume her snack. That kind of broke the ice. Sarah really opened up this night and wanted to talk to Kelly
about her past. Kelly was horny enough to want to hear all about
what her parents had done to Sarah. Sarah started telling Kelly that young porn 16 her parents did thing with her
and wanted young puberty her to use dirty words that she could not say to anyone
else. Kelly was intrigued by what her parents wanted her to say and
asked her to tell her about it. Sarah thought for several moments because the only other
person she had ever told these words to was her psychoanalysis.
Then she said, "They wanted me to tell them that I was a little
whore, a slut, a cum sucking cock licker and pussy bitch...things like
that." Kelly was shocked by her vocabulary but found it titillating.
She didn't express any judgment about what she had heard. Sarah went on to tell her what her parents did with her. "My
father put his thing into me." as she pointed towards her crotch. Kelly had to ask what her mother did while that was going on. Sarah said, "Mom would sit on my face and make me lick her
hole down there." By that time Kelly's pussy was a river of flowing juices. She
asked, "How did that make you feel?" Sarah said, "I don't know. They told me that they loved me
and I should love them too." Sarah added, "Now I kinda miss doing that with them. I
kinda enjoyed doing those things with them. Especially what mom
made me do". With that confession she broke down and cried. Kelly wrapped her arms around the sobbing girl to comfort
her until she calmed down. Sarah looked her in the eye and told her
that she was very kind to allow her to tell her everything. She
wrapped her arms around Kelly's neck young nude pearls
and kissed her young tits on the mouth. Kelly had a hard time restraining herself but felt that was the
wise thing to do. Sarah would have to be the one to elicit sex. They
only hugged each other until the foster family got home. Sarah
heard them arrive and returned to her home with only a little fuss. A few days later she showed up at Kelly's door all smiles.
Kelly was happy to have her company and invited her in. Sarah
talked for hours while she and Kelly worked around the apartment.
Then suddenly Sarah asked, "Do you love me?" Kelly said, "Of course I do." Kelly was busy scrubbing the bottom of her bathtub so she
was not watching Sarah. When she sat up to wipe some sweat from
her forehead she saw that the girl was taking off her clothes. Kelly
was dumb founded and asked, "Why are you doing that honey?" Sarah said, "Mom and daddy said this is was the way to show
that she loved them." Kelly's heart pounded young pusst in her chest and she could not resist
the girl's need for love and attention. She stood up and took her by
the hand and led her back into the living room and sat her on the
sofa. Kelly asked her to close her eyes and when she did as she told
her Kelly quickly stripped off her sweaty working clothes like she
was on fire. When she told Sarah to open her eyes Sarah was
looking at her naked body. She told Kelly that she had never seen
the body of a woman's like hers before. Kelly asked her what she
meant by that. Sarah said, "Your breasts are bigger than my mom's and you
are the first black woman I have ever seen naked. Do all black
women have curly hair like yours between their legs?" Kelly laughed and said, "Yes child, most black women have
tightly curled pubic young free fuck
hair." Kelly hugged her and kissed her. She slowly forced her
tongue between the girl's lips. Sarah opened her mouth to allow her
tongue entry at the same time she reached for one of Kelly's
breasts. The areolas young girls pics were large and dark colored. The nipple
responded by becoming erect and hard to her touch. Sarah was the first to break the kiss so that she could start
sucking on one of Kelly's nipples. The girl was very skilful at sucking
tit. Kelly reclined against the back of the sofa and enjoyed her first
lesbian contact in months. "Suck hard Sarah. I love the feel of your
mouth on my nipple." Sarah lifted her head and asked "Can I call you mommy?"
Kelly was so horny that it was hard for her to get the words out. "Of
course you can baby." Sarah said, "Mommy I want to suck your pussy." Kelly spread her legs and moved her body so that her head
was resting on the arm of the sofa and one leg was flung over the
back. Sarah moved around so that she young teens breast was almost kneeing and
placed her face right on Kelly's pussy. Sarah licked and sucked the
gaping cunt before her like a pro. Kelly was sweating even more by
then. Not young girlsxxx because of the physical work but because of the sexual
excitement. Kelly had her eyes closed when she begged, "Fuck mommy's
pussy baby." Sarah asked, "With what mommy?' Kelly opened her eyes and looked around. The closest thing
hand was the television remote. She leaned over and picked it up
and handed it to Sarah. Sarah held onto the base and started rubbing Kelly's vagina
with the other end. When the plastic object was wet enough she
started forcing it into Kelly's pussy. She fucked her with it until
Kelly's body stiffened and her breathing turned to a long low moan.
Kelly actually shot juice is Sarah's face and on the sofa cushion. When she recovered her composure Kelly announced, "That
was great honey. You made mommy feel so good down there" hentai young porn
Sarah smiled up from between Kelly's legs with cum all over
her face. Kelly pulled her up on top of her body and they cuddled
each other for a long time. When they were rested Kelly had Sarah
sit on her face and she sucked the hairless pussy until Sarah had a
climax. Kelly would not have believed a girl that young could climax
but she guessed it was due to her early introduction to sex. Sarah was at her door every chance she got after that.
Charlene even confided to her that Sarah seemed to be much
happier than she had ever seen her. If she suspected that Sarah
and Kelly were lovers she never let on. It finally came to an end when Sarah was assigned to another
foster family. It was a tearful parting but Kelly knew usenet young galleries
if it went on
much longer someone would find out about what they had been
doing behind closed doors. Kelly had also found another job that
promised to pay more money.
I hope you enjoyed the story and have a story you would like told
please send your mail to

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